Perfect Sunset

Hi friends!

Mike’s sister and brother-in-law just left, we had such a blast! Great food, great drinks and great company!

For an appetizer, we had the remainder of the hummus I made on Sunday, with tortilla chips.


Then for the main course, I made one of my all time favorites, stuffed peppers!!!! If you haven’t made these bad boys before, they are super easy, and so flavorful. For the most part, they are quite healthy too! I got home at about 5:20 from work, and they were in the oven by 6!


Close up… they were HUGE!

As an accompaniment, we had Asiago Parmesan bread (my favorite!) courtesy of Panera :). As well as a salad that Mike’s sister brought. Sorry, no photo of the salad :(. But look at that cheesy goodness!


We also had a few drinks on our rooftop deck to enjoy the night. Can’t go wrong with two buck chuck!


= does it get much better than this folks?

Answer is yes, but only if you have some frosted fudge brownies with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream to top off the evening. And we had just that! No photo of the finished product, but here is the pan of brownies I made. (You may ask who snuck the corner piece that is missing when I took this… I am the guilty one.. gulp!)


I am one FULL and tuckered out foodie. It is time for me to go relax with my man and enjoy the rest of the evening. Tomorrow is THURSDAY!!!!

If you have been blogging for awhile, what tips or feedback do you have for me as a blogger and my blog? If you are a new blogger as well, what tips have you received? I am loving the whole blogging community and would love any and all feedback to enhance my blog to be the best that it can be!

Night my bloggie loves!


4 responses to “Perfect Sunset

  1. What a fabulous dinner- looks like you did a great job as the hostess. I love stuffed peppers- nothing like a healthy, edible bowl 🙂

    I think you’re doing great withthe blog so far!!!! Maybe do some more pics and info about you and Mike? Makes the reader feel more connected 🙂

    • foodieinthecity

      Aren’t they great?? Thanks for the advice, I will be thinking of what to add in my updated ‘About Me’ post all day. Something to keep me excited about at work today!

  2. Fudge brownies AND chocolate chip cookie dough in the same dessert?? yumm!

    loove the blog so far, i wouldn’t change a thing! keep up all of the great work:)

    • foodieinthecity

      Thanks girl! I’m glad you enjoy it enough to keep coming back for more, that is awesome 🙂

      I know, talk about heaven in a bowl, huh?

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