Refreshed on Hump Day!

**Edited to add: PHOTOS!!!

Breakfast: How adorable is Mr. Toast? He is smiling at all of you!


With dried fruit. (I had eaten a few handfuls already, whoops!)


Lunch! (with an added Key Lime cookie, yes, you heard right, KEY LIME!!!) Free cookie? Who can turn that down?


Snack: Luna bar. I got a little ahead of myself in hunger and forgot to snack a picture, so here is the wrapper 🙂

I’ll be back later tonight w/ a recap of our dinner party!

Good morning, good morning! How are ya’ll today? For some reason, I am just feeling like a million bucks today!

Last night, I did end up having my pb/banana toast combo, and it didn’t fail me on my run this morning. I got in a good 6 miles on the treadmill while catching up on the news. Got to keep up with the happenings of the world somehow, huh? And yes, the chocolate peanut butter was to.die.for., however, probably won’t make many breakfast appearances- much more ‘dessert’ like.

Veggiegirl also opened my eyes to a number of different nut butters in response to my question last night. I must try some of these 🙂

No photos this morning, however, don’t fret, I will post them when I get home!

Before my run, I had a Fiber One bar to give me energy to power through my run. Once at work, I toasted up a piece of high fiber bread, and smeared it with Barney Butter. On the side, a baggie of delicious dried fruit. I got a huge bag from Costco that has dried blueberries, two types of dried mango and dried strawberries. I highly recommend it!

For lunch, I brought a Shrimp & Angel Hair Lean Cuisine with a ‘side’ of a Ginger Snap LaraBar. Anybody ever had this flavor before? It’s a new one for me. There will be a snack of some sort this afternoon as well!

Tonight we are having some guests over, but hopefully I will be able to snap some photos for you! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

What is your favorite summer activity?

4 responses to “Refreshed on Hump Day!

  1. Oh I am so jealous, I am dragging today – think I went to bed too late 😦 Oh well, vacation is near! Gingersnap lara bars are 1 of my fave flavas – just bought some yesterday actually for our trip!!!

  2. Hello! There are sooooo many delicious nut butters- I can’t get enough 😉 My favorites are MaraNatha Almond Butter, Justine’s Almond Butter (the maple version is a great sweet treat), Harris Teeter organic Peanut Butter, and Naturally More (to name a few 😉

    Have fun with you guests tonight!

    Love your healthy tips- I agree..gotta live a little! You will see your tip up in my post later tonight 😉

    • foodieinthecity

      Erica, thank you so much for stopping by!! I hope you come back often 🙂

      I agree on the MaraNatha Almond butter! Num num num! I wish we had Harris Teeter here in the Mid-West turndra 😦

      I can’t wait to see your post later tonight, enjoy your evening!

  3. mmm i love the ginger snap!
    good on your 6 miles run = )

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