Veggie overload!

Hey bloggies! How was your Monday? Mine was so slooow.

I have a large recap for you. As I stated this morning, until I get the blog routine down, as well as get my new laptop computer, my posts will be sporadic. I am going to TRY to post at least twice per day. My morning post may not have photos attached, but I will always attach them in my evening post. How does that sound?

On to eats… This morning I wasn’t with it when packing my food for the day. Then, after my workout at the gym, I opened my bag to smashed banana ALL OVER MY CLOTHES that I was going to wear today. I felt like a walking banana all day (don’t worry, I washed the mushed banana off my clothes 😉 .

The banana was supposed to be part of my breakfast, instead, I had to settle for almond butter toast. Its okay though, because it was topped with the infamous Barney Butter!


I’m not a huge breakfast person, particularly after a run. However, I am trying to up my breakfast intake, especially since I am starting to run a bit longer. Anybody else not very hungry after workouts/runs?

For lunch, it was another grab what was on hand day. I must admit, I guilty of eating frozen dinners. But some days, when work is just hectic, its better than nothing! Since I am now blogging and you are now reading, I am going to push myself to be more creative with lunch. I’m already thinking of what I can pack for tomorrow…

So, for lunch, I had Lean Cuisine Chicken Primavera. I’m semi-embarrassed to say, it was delicious! Along side a not so good strawberry fruit bar. Meh. Tasted like applesauce actually, which I can’t say I prefer in bar form.


Snack included one of my favorite Kashi granola bars and a handful of this trail mix.



It is a hot and humid day here in Minneapolis, and we have a lot of fresh produce in this household right now. Those two elements combined= a need for an amazing salad, if you ask me!


In this bowl of goodness was: half a bag of lettuce, one fourth of an avocado, green bell pepper, cucumber, half of a tomato, feta cheese and shrimpies. Add a large chunk of sourdough bread and you’ve got yourself one filling meal. (Secret of mine… I absolutely love the butts of the bread, nothing better in my opinion!)

After lunch and dinner, I always have a bite of something sweet. We have some Ben and Jerry’s Cinnamonbun ice cream in our freezer right now. All you need is one bite to be satisfied. Look at this amazing stuff, you know you want some!


This however, will not be the last sweet thing I eat tonight. I always have a dessert of some sort. Not sure what tonight has in store, but I will let you know what I decide.

Well I am off to watch some Mad Men. One of my co-workers brought me the first season on dvd today. Has anybody watched it? What is your favorite television show? Enjoy your evening!


3 responses to “Veggie overload!

  1. Salad looks yum and refreshing! I always have sweets throughout the night too :/ I think I ate my weight in chocolate after din tonight (it’s just too good!)

  2. Salad is perfect on hot summer nights!

    Welcome to the blog world 😀


  3. Don’t feel bad about the frozen dinner! I’ve stocked up on some microwaveable means because I know I’m going to be sooo busy soon and they will be quick to heat up and eat.

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