What was I thinking?

Hey friends! Happy Monday!

I was NOT thinking this morning unfortunetly 😦 On so many levels… but I am laughing about it now!

No photos of last nights amazing dinner, bummer, I know, I’m sorry! To give you an idea of what I had though:
-My homeade hummus with greek pita wedges (x4). It was a total hit!
-BLT stuffed tomato
-Handful of Terra chips, NUM!
-Cucumber salad with feta
-A ginormous pineapple burger with a wasabi sauce on a whole wheat bun. Guys, this burger was ENORMOUS! And I ate the whole thing 🙂
-Fat Tire beer
-Last but not least, peach cobbler.

I was one happily stuffed girl when we left. We didn’t get home until about 10, which for me, is late. Lam-o, I know! So instead of figuring out the eats for today (Monday), which I should have done, I went straight to my comfy bed and passed out.

This morning my alarm went off at 5:45, in a haze, I woke up, threw random foods into my gym bag, sleepishly ate half of a Fiber One bar, and was off to Lifetime.

I did get in a wonderful 6 mile run on the treadmill. I know many of my readers will probably say, ugh, a treadmill? But I LOVE them!

I promise I will upload photos of my eats later tonight. I need to figure out how I will blog during the week. It may be once a day at night for a few weeks. I work a desk job at a company that has high security, so I can’t easily snap photos, etc., but I will be creative! Maybe a la Tina I will bring my laptop and blog from Starbucks at lunchtime.

I’m off to work in my cube for the day and make some breakie in the office kitchen. I promise many pictures tonight and stories of why I am obviously not completely 100% with it today. Have a wonderful Monday!


One response to “What was I thinking?

  1. Oh, that salad with shrimp looks so good! I’m cooking with shrimp tomorrow, just not sure what dish yet. lol

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