New routine…

Afternoon all! I am fitting in my post before I run out the door again. My run this morning was awesome! It was one of those in which you feel like you could just keep going and going and going. Anway, moving on 🙂 I am headed out the door to do one of my favorite things ever, grocery shop!

Whole Foods and Trader Joes both have my heart, but my wallet would scream if I shopped there every weekend. However, a new Rainbow opened a few miles away, so I am very excited to go and check it out. My boyfriend and I have recently moved in together, so we are still trying to determine the food levels in which we need every week. I will report back my loot when I return.

After the gym I must admit I had one of my favorite things, a donut hole!


Followed by a fruit and nut bagel with honey walnut and cinnamon cream cheese. Weird? Maybe, but I am the queen of odd combos you will soon find!


Grandma’s old plates aren’t that beautiful! I need to invest in some pretty plates I think. Maybe this is just my excuse to shop? He he he.


2 responses to “New routine…

  1. masteringpublichealth

    Saw your comment on Healthy Tipping Point and thought I’d drop by, being that I also recently started my blog — feel free to stop on by. Nice work here so far!

  2. Looks like you started your blog right when I did (just realized that) and I just recently moved in with my boyfriend as well (crazy eh?)…. def plan to keep reading your posts, good work so far!

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