Camera, camera, camera

I need to get in the habit of taking photos. I’m not off to a good start… I forgot to take pictures of BOTH of my afternoon snacks 😦 I promise I’ll get better!

At least I can tell you what I had, right? Snackie #1 was some chips and guac. Snack #2 was honey almond yogurt with Blueberry Special K mixed in, mm mm mmm!

Tonight, Mike (my boyfriend) and I are having a ‘date’. We are making ‘build your own pizza’ using Jenna’s pizza dough recipe. Can’t wait to try it! I am also making this Strawberry Shortcake recipe from Cooking Light. So pretty huh??

We are headed to the local comedy club for some laughs tonight. There also may or may not be a few glasses of wine and/or beer being consumed in the future as well. See you guys soon!


What is your favorite summer dessert?


3 responses to “Camera, camera, camera

  1. I myself LOVE strawberry shortcake. Or, sometimes nothing is better than sorbet.

  2. So I guess a rough economy is good. Building your own pizza at home instead of spending $20 bucks on a pizza that may or may not have been sitting there for a few hours then reheated then delivered to you….AND you have to tip! LOL

    Hope you have fun at the comedy club!

  3. welcome to blog land 🙂

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